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At Greg's Pool Service, we take pride in our work. You can always count on us for a complete set of pool services to keep your pool in perfect condition. We'll visit your pool twice a week. During the first two visits, we'll perform chemical level and other checks to make sure everything is optimal. During the third visit, we'll clean you pool. You can trust us to provide dependable year-round service.


As the cold weather approaches, our winterization services ensure that your pool will be ready for you and your family next season! We'll drain the water, shut down all the pumping systems and cover the pool with the cover that you provide. Call Greg's Pool Service at 806-549-8813 to ask any questions, or to schedule an appointment!

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Have you left your pool uncovered?

If you've left your pool uncovered for an extended period, you may start to notice a green discoloration to the water and algae growth. We offer spring time pumping, as well as floor and wall acid washing to remove all the algae and any other contaminants that may be present.


We'll also clear out any mud, leaves, and other debris that has made its way into the pool and replace it with clean, crystal clear water. The next day, we'll set up your pump and filter, so you and your family can enjoy a fun, relaxing swim! Contact us today to get started!

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